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Dr. Axel Doess

The various projects with Thorsten Reh have always been highly effective and successful. He is able to set the right priorities and thus guarantee a goal-oriented implementation. I can only recommend the cooperation with him as a lawyer.

Todd Friedman

I work with many attorneys who default to “no”, becoming instant business obstacles. Thorsten is very thoughtful, client focused, and a valued professional who helps find viable paths to “yes”. I had the pleasure of working with Thorsten on challenging and complex international legal issues. He has a deep knowledge of the law and business […]

Dr. Christian Köster

Thorsten Reh is an excellent healthcare lawyer. He gets to the bottom of the facts of the case as consistently as he does to the applicable standards and legal risks. He is extremely reliable and independent in his opinions, which also makes him an ideal sparring partner when it comes to legally assessing complex situations […]

Ralf Bork

I have come to know and appreciate Thorsten Reh as an excellent business lawyer. One can tell his long in-house experience by how purposefully and efficiently he approaches legal issues. This combined with passionate customer orientation, broad experience in the healthcare sector, a lot of pragmatism and reliability means that I can recommend him whole-heartedly.

Anne Reiser

Working with Thorsten in his capacity of a business lawyer has been a real pleasure. Thorsten combines a precious talent of being very sharp about all the legal aspects with being very pragmatic and identifying various options and suggesting the best options with good rationale. In addition, he has extremely strong ethics and human values, […]

Martin Kubitschek

Thorsten Reh is extremely competent and understands the respective situation intellectually very quickly and pragmatically. His legal skills, coupled with a sharp mind and the right sense for business, make him without doubt one of the best lawyers I have ever worked with. I will continue to seek his advice in legal matters, but also […]